Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Rules For 2018

Sorry everyone that I didn’t blog yesterday. If you saw the state I was in, a barely breathing garbage bag of a person, then you would understand that it was better for everyone that I didn’t even attempt to write anything. Anyways, 2018. Here we are. Another year and I’m not sure about you but 2017 was sort of the worst. I have a feeling that this year will be better. Gawd, it better be so with that in mind I’m going to do a little list of rules for art, life and general things.

Hope 2018 will be the best year yet and here’s to out with the old and in with the new.

Drink Less – Being in the art world is synonymous with drinking. It is hyper social and especially in NYC, alcohol is the fuel and the fire that makes us get through all those social situations. Drinking less can feel hard to do, an active choice that is many times questioned with suspicion or reverse judgment but ya, I think we can all do with some sobriety and restraint. Drinking less makes you sharper in wit, healthier in body and full of less regrets so it’s a win-win all around. If you don’t want to give it up completely why not try to just not drink during the week. It will save you money and is any easy perimeter to follow.

Read More – Reading is solitary and personal but it can also make it so that you have more to talk about with others. Reading is the most enjoyable thing and for me, like I think it is for so many other people, we seem to not have the time to do it as much as we want. Reading takes time, dedicated time, and focus and that is something one has to make conscious effort to do. But reading shouldn’t be a chore or obligation but a means in which to slow down, check out but also engage in other worlds and new ideas.

See More Art – Living in NYC is amazing, so much art all the time. But how often do you see shows? How often do you spend an afternoon walking around Chelsea, the Lower East Side, Uptown, Brooklyn, anywhere else in the city and just look at art? And not only just the shows you want to see but the shows you may not like, the shows you may not even know about? Looking at art is so important to understanding the context of the time we are living and the aesthetic and conceptual turns being made (or not made). I see so much art but I feel I am in a bubble sometimes, expanding what you see if key to keeping yourself engaged and refreshed.

Being Honest – There is a term floating out there called ‘radical honesty’ it’s a bit much in the context/method some people go about applying it but at its core it is an interesting concept. Essentially, it is the practice of being honest with everyone about everything. Brutality may sometimes feel a part of this but I think if done right, with real truth, towards oneself as well, it can be extremely transformative to how you engage with others and also your own perception of self. Honesty is not rudeness or meanness but a form of openness. I think this should be applied to how one views art, talk about it and critiques it but also in the most basic types of things like relationships and oneself. Try it, it’s hard but it’s different and rare.

Doing Things You Like – I know this seems so basic and vague but how often do we really do the things that we like? The construction of our lives are filled with so many forms of obligation or desires to please others that I think a lot of the time we find ourselves trapped in things we don’t truly enjoy. That can be with certain people, certain events, certain careers and jobs just to get by. And of course one can’t just do whatever they want all the time but think about the last few days, the last few weeks. How much of what you have been doing are things you truly enjoyed? If it’s less then 60% then make adjustments.

Find Love – Sorry to be so sappy but love is all we got. Whether that’s romantic, friendships, family or something grey in between, the only thing that will get us through this living business is love. Self-love matters too of course, that is the most important obviously, but giving seeking, wanting and being open to love is just as important. If you have love like that then appreciate it and let those you do know it. If you don’t, it’s okay, just keep looking and know it will happen if you want it to.