Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sometimes When Life Gives You Lemons

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday and not the usual Monday posting day. I’ve been unwell the last few days. Well perhaps the last few weeks, I’m loosing count at this point. But regardless, what a week.

I suffer from depression and sometimes it wins and sometimes feeding it bad things like alcohol, drugs, reckless behavior and a general toxic mix of nihilism with a dash of existential doom you get soup for brains and blank into the void eyes.

I know a lot of people that suffer from depression in varying degrees and it’s something that we all should talk more openly about. We should treat it like we treat physical sickness because it is. Our brains and bodies can literally be crippled by it sometimes.

I’m not going to get to deep on all of that because I don’t feel like it but I wanted to just be honest and to also do a brain exercise to make me well, feel better.

Below is a list of things that can help me, and maybe help you if you too are this way/get this way sometimes. Tomorrow is another day and sometimes when you are in a citric acid bath of the lemon that is life sometimes, you have to do what you can even if it’s tiny and sometimes feels impossible/irrelevant.

Talk to Someone, Anyone – Ugg, talking is just the worse but sometimes talking to someone, anyone, like literally the deli person, can help. Talking to friends, family is great but seriously, just talking, not even about anything in particular, can be a way to snap you back into real time and space.

Look At Art – Not online, go out to a gallery or museum and just look. It’s even better if the work is good but even if it’s bad at least you can grimace in your mind.

Shower – If I had access to an ocean or even a pool I’d say that but showers, we all have showers and all that stuff about water purifying and all that jazz is pretty true. Not a bath girl myself but if that’s your thing, go for it.

Walk/Run Outside – All those running freaks are pretty on point with this. Serotonin increase yay! Actual running, Boooo. But yes, they are right, it does make you feel better. If you hate running as much as I do, a long walk will help, not as much, but ya, it’s all good for you.

Go Outside – For those that can’t bare the thought of the above, fresh air on face = good.

Eat Treats – Sometimes if buying a giant sandwich, eating chips, drinking fizzy things, eating an orange, cheese slices, pasta, is what you need to get through the day (or whatever you want to eat) you should. You are probably doing it in you sweats anyways so indulge!

Clean – Sorry to be so lame but sometimes cleaning up what is around you is a great way to tangibly metaphor what you will/can do with that hot ass mess that is your life. But not for long! Haha take that dust bunnies and poor decisions!

Be Nice To Yourself – Sorry to end it all self-love fest but sometimes when these dips happen there is this vicious little monster (yourself) that is kicking the crap of your tired/sad actual self and making you feel even worse. It’s okay to feel shit and it’s okay if you regret like possibly the last 48 – 1,000 hours but hey, it’s really not that bad and people love you and sometimes life is shit but you will get better and even if you don’t, fuck it. You are you and you will always keep trying.

Lists – When all else fails, write a list. Like this one or whatever it is that drags you out of bed for at least a little bit.

Good morning, goodnight, whatever time it is, I hope you are feeling okay and if not, you’re not alone and it will get better. (Spring. Is. Coming.)