Monday, March 19, 2018

Questions That I Have For The Universe

Hey everyone. How’s it going? Me… I’m doing okay actually. Surprise, surprise. I think it has taken me about 4-6 weeks to get out of this major funk I was in and I’m not 100% yet but wow, what a difference. Anyways, sorry I’ve been a bit saddy-poo and a bit checked out of it all. I’ll get back into the art swing of it soon, but right now, I’m going to just ease back into thinking and wondering and that will lead to today’s post.

I’ve been thinking a lot (duh) but of late, more than that I’ve been having questions circling my mind. Many are rhetorical, but hey, sometimes all the fun is in the asking versus an answer. So here goes some off the cuff Qs jumping up and own in my head.

Ciao! Serious art/life thoughts soon…

Why do people get a pet right before they break up?

Why do I dislike flowers that are yellow and yellow in general?

Who sent me the bonsai plant from China anonymously?

Why is my cat out of his mind?

Is my other cat reincarnated and inside of him there is a person who is in love with me?

Why do people settle for a partner who sucks?

Why can’t you just say you want something and then it appears instantly before you?

What is money?

What is time?

Why can’t I remember 90% of my life?

Why don’t I care that I can’t remember 90% of my life?

If you tell someone a secret is that a form of emotional blackmail?

What’s up with God?

Can you be both self-caring and self-actualizing?

Is gluten free an actual thing or a marketing inside job?

Is love real or some form of social/neurological con-job?

How do people afford to live wherever they want?

How to people get to take months off at a time to do whatever?

Am I middle class or just fancy poor?

Can you keep being friends with someone who is selfish?

Is being selfish actually that bad?

How can people think being gay is bad?

What will 2080 look like?

Will elephants become extinct?

Why are some people terrible at kissing?

Is being shallow okay if you admit it?

Are our cell phones making us incapable of communicating with others in a deep way?

If I was a digital native would I be a better version of myself today?

Is everyone lonely?

When was I born?

Can trees feel?

Should I move to Europe and fall in love with a person with an accent?

If everyone stopped doing everything for one day, what would happen?

Why don’t I get math?

Is it better to plan your death or just wait to see what happens?

When will I start to look my age?

Why do people say big words in casual conversation?

Does any of it matter? Like at all?