Monday, April 9, 2018

Perfect Night

Here are examples of some perfect nights to do or imagine.

Order in bad/good/basic Chinese food and put on favorite comfy outfit. Eat out of the box and listen to podcasts. Lie in bed and binge watch something that you would be a bit embarrassed to watch with anyone else. Take a sleeping pill around 10pm and get ready for bed. Go to bed.

Invite a friend over you haven’t seen in a while but every time you hangout it doesn’t feel like you missed a beat. Go to store together to pick up ingredients. Chop things together and drink wine. Have music playing low in the background. Cook things together and gossip (but not in a mean way). Eat together and talk about deeper topics. Clean up together and drink one more glass of wine and then say goodnight. Hug and say you want to see them again soon.

Text the person you are sleeping with and tell them you want to have sushi and sex. They are into it. They pick up sushi and bring to your place. You eat sushi in bed and then make out and have sex. Then you clean up sushi and they put on their clothes and leave.

Get text from friend near end of workday and meet them at a cheap bar for cheap drinks. Talk while it’s still light out. Buy a bag of chips to stave off hunger. Talk and talk and talk till you can’t talk anymore. Get on subway a bit buzzed but happy. Make yourself a quick easy, filling dinner and take a warm shower.

Meet a new person you are dating at an opening. Excited to see them but also have friends there so feels not too serious. See them. Say hi and chat. Sort of hang out with them but also with friends. If they seem cool to hang out with ask them to go to after party. If they are fun at the after party, maybe make out with them or hook up with them if you are bored or sad.

Have someone make you dinner and you sip wine on the couch and stay out of their way. You help with cleaning and do the dishes. Smoke cigarettes out the window and look at the city.

If it’s a snowstorm outside: You, your pets, something warm like a stew or soup. Bake something easy, like cookies. Read a book that is good and easy or maybe a poem or two out loud. Lots of blankets and candles.

It it’s hot outside: You, and a friend or lover, wearing, light, airy clothes, preferably only one article of clothing. Hat or sunglasses. An iced beverage, like lemonade. A piece of fabric to be used as a sheet/table to sit/lay on. Comfortable shoes so you can explore. Weed if you smoke weed. Cigarettes and roof access.

Go to the museum at night. Meet on the steps. Get tickets. Walk near each other but don’t hold hands. Go to the park. Walk and maybe hold hands if you feel romantic towards them. If not, it’s okay to still feel close to them. Throw rocks into water. Go to an old timey bar or deli. Eat and drink casually. Outside if it’s warm. Take subway back downtown. Both close eyes and relax. Say goodbye when you part ways.

Go to friends house for a dinner party. Meet interesting people. Drink and eat yummy things. Feel warm and excepted. Feel fresh and invigorated. Share ideas not small talk. Want to feel close to everyone but not in a possessive way. Help friend be the best host they can be but not taking over. Meet someone you want to be better friends with. Leave with new emails/phone numbers and say you will contact them but you know it probably won’t happen and that’s ok.

Watch a movie on the couch. Spoon. Snuggle. Make out. Pause Movie. Have Sex. Continue to watch movie on the couch. Repeat as many times as you want to.