Monday, May 7, 2018

One Sentence Thoughts

David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night opens July 13 at the Whitney

I’m freaky busy. Blah blah, same same. You get one of these bloop posts cause my eyes are dripping out of my head.

Frieze NY – Too big, too boring, too familiar.

Childish Gambino’s New Song – Damnnnnnnnnn, shots fired, feel like there should be an entire collage course on unpacking the video.

Weddings – Feel like everyone is going to them but me, is it me or is it the demographics of my peer group?

Gardens – They seem cool because they have no rules and a lot of dirt.

Art Fairs – Really tried to not be such a grump about them but, yup, I still hate ‘em.

Jeffrey Deitch – What is he up to showing up at all the young kid things?

Gavin Brown Enterprises – Love Arthur Jafa and other artists they show but for the love of god, chill outtttt!

Artists in their mid 30s – Seems like the best look for this moment in time, to be honest.

People in NYC for Art Fairs from Europe – We get it; you went to the Lower East Side and Chinatown.

Working a Job – Seems weird that people are bad at it.

Cooking for 14 people – I must have some sort of issue with wanting to be loved.

Cat Ownership – They are expensive when they have health issues but they deserve it because they are the best creature friends.

Dog Ownership – Their loyalty is a bit unsettling.

Art Students – After you graduate get ready to eat a bunch of shit sandwiches, aka reality that there are thousands of you, but it’s cool, head up.

Still House – Someone mentioned this and then I saw a pottery store with the same name and I smirked cause I’m an asshole.

Butts – Still don’t have one, still wish I did, still don’t care enough to go to the gym.

The Female Orgasm – Been hearing from my lady friends they don’t have these ever or often, wow, my fellow women, hit me up and I will show you the better path.

Babies – They are cute and I want one but they are also the biggest carbon footprint you will ever produce.

Motivational Speeches – If you see me starting one of these, you have the approval to punch me in thigh (the only place a punch won’t kill me).

Hidden Talents – It’s really special when you see a hidden talent by someone you care about.

Overcharging Friends – I will never forget and yes, we are sort of enemies now.

Not Paying The Bill - $400, really everyone?

Caring About Money – I don’t really so the above two are sort of void.

Climbing the Art Ladder – Stop using other people’s connections to get you ahead if you are not cool/down with that person anymore.

Spring Time in NYC – Everyone should make out and have sex.

Ex’s – They should be forced to leave the city and/or turn to a puff of smoke within a 1-mile radius of your current location.

Ring Leader – Someone needs to stop me before I ruin everything around me.

Cleopatra’s Last Show – The best bunch of badass girls.

Real Fine Arts Closing – Sad to infinity and back, thanks guys!

David Wojnarowicz’s Whitney Show – Can’t wait for this show, will be heartbreaking and beautiful!