Monday, June 4, 2018


I’ve been thinking about the idea of talent lately. Being friends with ‘creatives’ inevitably makes you surrounded by them. Of course people in the art world are supposed to be talented in some way. Making things, thinking things, all that, but the talent I’m talking about is the private, underused type.

People who play instruments, people who make clothes, people who make things for their apartment or friends. There skills are personal  and private for  oneself or a small circle of people.

It’s astonishing how talented people are sometimes. It’s like a type of magic that they possess and one that I crave and want to witness. It is at times exchangeable but mostly it is discreet. Sometimes people capitalize on it and sometimes that works but most times it doesn’t but I guess it’s all okay regardless.

I’ve been thinking about why I don’t feel talented. I mean, I know I am not a total slouch but I can’t play instruments, sing songs, speak in multiple languages etc... I basically suck up and observe the talent around me. I surround myself with talented people like an obese salon owner of Parisian lore.

But there is no glamour in the role of the observer. There is only the idea of audience. I love watching, experiencing and if possible, supporting those with talent. It makes me feel of some use but it’s really not enough is it?

I’m not sure why I don’t want to be ‘producer’ or ‘learner’ in that way. I could do it if I wanted to, but I don’t. I guess it goes back to my mix of apathy and desire to not add more noise and material presence in the world.

Shrinking. I feel like that’s the anti talent. To make one minute, invisible, transparent. There is a beauty to that but perhaps more spiteful and insecure than anything else.

There is something heartbreaking when you see someone do something that is with great talent and sincerity. When it is being done for reasons unknown and unspecified. It’s a type of sharing that makes the system of things feel lighter and less contrived.

But then there are the show offs, the one’s who try too hard and it’s all okay really but ya, it’s tiresome in its own right.

What am I babbling about? I’m not sure. All I know is that I feel like I am bursting with creativity with no avenue, that I’m surrounded by so many talented people that it feels something must be done about it.They must be recognized, seen.

This see-saw of lack/abundance has me a bit flummoxed. I’m happy to bare witness to it and to possibly be motivated. We shall see.

To all those who have hidden or underused talents, go forth and do it! Share it! And if you don’t want to, that’s fine. But we need it. We all do in order to feel like things are possible and beautiful.