Monday, June 25, 2018

Welcome to My Mind

Helllooo out there! Is anyone out there, there, there? Haha, well if you are I hope you are doing okay! I’m at work and I’m not busy per se, but I don’t really have much to share that matters at all, so today I’m going to do some stream of consciousness bull-crap writing that I do sometimes (most times.) For no reason at all and in no particular order, here is a slap-dash peek into my mind.

Trendy Hair – What’s up with the new hair trend, especially for girls (but obvi gender fluid) where it is flat like a mullet but sorta pixie helmet thing too? Do you know what I mean? The haircut that is choppy layers but it starts up top and then goes down like messed up stairs/bricks all the way to about nape of the neck. Sometimes it is dyed. Sometimes it has some product in it to make it look heavier. It’s cool but no thank you for myself. It's one of those haircuts that makes you look uglier but in turn cooler so I guess there is a choice in that.

Little Glasses – We in the 90s bitch! Little, itty bitty sunglasses are in. They make me look insane so I can’t really pull it off/I only ever wear sunglasses to shield my eyes from, you know: the sun. I’ve seen some cool kids wearing them tough and they can somehow pull it off. Like shades against society or something. Not sure why this is a thing. Meh.

Druggy Flouncy Look – I’m sorta obsessed with new style trends (duh, see above) at this moment and one that I have noticed lately is the look some girls are wearing where they look sorta disheveled, head to toe, mixy match with articles of clothing that may or may not fit well, are torn, have pins holding them in place or for stylized angles. But then there is this femme element of satins, lace, dangle things and delicate bits here and there. It’s a mixture of goth, fairy, punk, suburbia meets final destination. It’s an interesting balance of trying hard/not at all. Like this look has to be actualized fully to not look ridiculous but with blasé effort. Trying too hard is the ultimate cool killer. I’m into it. It sort of makes me smile and happy that the kids are still having fun and creating a look to match their search for their fellow tribes people.

POC Art Plummeting – (POC = People of Color ya’ll) So this is the thing that is happening now. And I want to delve into this further, for real soon but I’ll just remark on it here. It’s a bit unnerving what is happening lately, the past few months/year, where there is this mad dash rush to pluck, pick and pounce on POC artists, especially African American artists, by galleries and institutions. I mean OF COURSE it needs to happen, should have happened, still needs to happen, but the velocity and the appetite that is currently occurring is a recipe for something bad, unsustainable (and I hope not, but probably will be) detrimental to those that are being scooped up. It’s a hard situation to talk about, think about, analyze… All I’m going to say is, wow. In both good and bad ways, wow. I hope it doesn’t end the way I think it will and I hope that those participating in it really evaluate what they are doing, why and if that is enough.

Careerism – Sometimes you feel stuck in your bullshit and all you want is someone to knock on your door and say, hey there, come over here with us. And that would change your life and you would be so happy for a few months even a year or two and then you would want that all over again until you end up having it all and you look at yourself in the mirror, and think, who the hell is that person, and then you drink, drug, stress, and sex yourself into a hole and hopefully the getting out of it will actually save you and you will be content with the life you have and the time you have with those that love you.

Words/Phrases I Say Too Much – You know what I’m saying? Okay. Whatever. Lolz. I hear you, I hear you but… Huh? Blah blah blah. The thingy ma jiggy. Byeeeeeee. Hey. Hiya. Hiiiii. Moosh Moosh. Can you get me a glass of water? You’re my best friend (to my cat). Later gator. No way Jose. K. Google it. Text me. Imma call you. Ciao!!! I’m hungry. I ate too much. I’m sleepers. Deliciano! --- Basically I sound like a crazy infant and I need to be stopped.

Cool Things To Do – Have sex with someone you care for. Buy gifts for friends. Playing Settlers of Cattan. Reading books and talking to people about them. Eating Fruit. Drawing still lifes. Playing with babies. Calling a friend who is sad or far away. Getting a haircut. Not drinking alcohol. Getting up early. Drinking a lot of water. Helping a friend in need. Cooking for people. Throwing away things. Ebay shopping. Applying for jobs you might not even want. Planning a trip out of the country. Driving. Grapes. Telling the truth all the time. Drugs that help you readjust your sense of self. Showing up to things. Nice long shower with new shampoo. New makeup. Telling someone they look nice. Writing things down even if they are stupid.