Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Case for Travel

I’m at an airport right now so hence the delay. That’s a poor excuse though. I have been so checked out of doing this thing. Can you blame me? Does anyone care? I don’t but hey, I guess this is the yoke that I keep choosing to wear.

I just went to Oaxaca. It was nice. I have been thinking about the idea of traveling, moving lately. Many of my friends are moving in some way or another. Well I guess more correctly, another grouping of them are. The longer you stay in one place, especially New York, the more you get used to people leaving.

Friends are moving for work, life, art, love, family…All the things that matter in some way. Others move to get fresh starts. I did that a bit ago and I miss that sense of newness. I guess that is why we travel. To get a reset of the lives we live. To get some sort of contrast, separation or distance to the realities we build.

Traveling makes time different. It pulls it out and also makes it feel so full that it seems astonishing. The landscape of newness makes tired eyes and dulled default patterns shimmer and break.

But it can be exhausting and lonely too. But that’s a sensation that I also think is beneficial to feel. Homesickness or even just home appreciation can make you feel a part of something even if it is at a distance.

When people travel and move away it’s not a death of course but there is always changes to relationships. Proximity creates an intimacy. The constancy of the mundane, the moments of unplanned and impromptu memory making are grounding posts to mark the trails of friendship.

Going away makes you more mysterious though. The alteration of your life in this way is also an alteration of narratives that you can create for yourself and what others create for you. It is a freeing and thrilling thing to be able to do especially today. The re-creation of ones narrative is a form of power and safety as well.

Moving and travel is an exhausting act but its returns are many times for seeking rest or peace or renewal. This might sound too romantic, I know that movement and travel when under certain circumstances is the least wanted or enjoyed thing, but the form of chosen, selected movement is what I refer to.

Mobility of our bodies is a translation of mobility of our minds. Seeking the new, the different, things that are outside of out comfort zones always teach something, even if it’s only the desire to return home.

When thinking of all my friends to who are transfiguring themselves and starting new beginnings, I feel such a sense of pride and excitement but I also feel a loss. I guess I wish that I too was making these sort of big journeys, big choices, that I too was embarking on a change that would accelerate the quest of person-hood.

But those that you love who are in other places are like little stars with little strings attached to them. And you can still sense them and know that they are there and you can tug them closer to you if you need.