Monday, October 22, 2018

A Million Little Pieces

Gregory Kalliche at Marinaro

I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point but sheesh, am I busy! Not sure what it is but I feel like I am treading water just to keep myself in one place/not drown/die. Sigh. I feel like it’s something in the air, stars, whatever because everyone else I have been talking to seems to be in some such state or another.

Anyways, I really don’t have the time or bandwidth to write coherent thoughts but also feel like you don’t deserve another cut and paste so below is just some random things that I thought, saw or interacted with in the past few days that happen to be pre-frontal at this very moment.

Again, sorry. Again, hopefully next week there will be space and time to do this right.

Fear Faire at Marinaro

Went gallery-hopping solo in LES/Chinatown this past weekend. Saw some good things, some blah but the one that stood out was Fear Faire organized by Nathaniel de Large at Marinaro. It was in their precariously odd sub and sub-sub basement spaces and although that sounds possibly project-space blah, it was anything but. It felt like some sort of art-haunted-house and de Large did a good job of rigging up messy slats of dry wall and cheap plastic curtain to make various zones and general spook-vibes that also felt strangely “hip.” The use of the architecture as medium was done in a way that was playful which made the cacophony and sheer number of artists participating feel well placed.

So You Want to be an Art Dealer

I took some students to a gallery in LES earlier in the week for my day-job and had them meet the gallery owner for a one-on-one talk and meet/greet. It was nice to see students so curious about all that is involved in being an art dealer. It was down right cute some of their questions. What was an interesting theme throughout was this concept of creating community. That buzz word I have been fraught about in various posts. It was also interesting to see how the dealer talked about themselves in both revealing and keeping vague the stratagems of survival. I guess the takeaway is that talking to dealers about the state of art is just as complex and important as it is to talk to artists.

The Perfect Crowd Size

I have figured it out! The perfect size for a lively dinner party is sixteen people. Enough so that there are sub-conversations and general buzziness at the table but small enough so that it doesn’t get unruly. Even numbers are good and with that many bodies in a space it makes you want to stretch out so people make their way to other corners of the room as the evening wanes. 16. It’s the magic number for hospitality.

Relax, No One is Judging You

Okay, so I know people are sensitive, and I know that sometimes we (me especially) can talk in ways that might be a bit rough around the edges, but sheesh, people, relax a bit about being offended. Lately I have noticed within my conversations and conversations I observe, people are very defensive. Any perceived slight is pounced on. Any minor calling out is seen as a incitement of attack. How can we have conversations when we aren’t listening to the other person but just wanting to respond? How can we have conversations that don’t allow for opinion and remark that might not completely mirror what the speaker has just said? Being respectful doesn’t always mean having to agree. Balance and less self-victimization will make everything more understood and generative.

Time Heals All Wounds

That moment of realization when you truly understand and see another person and how utterly unbelievable it is that they ever affected you so much. Liberating.