Monday, March 3, 2014

This Week in WTF: Normcore, Diplo, Oscars, Russia

background image from GQ online

Sometimes when life hands you lemons you don’t want to make lemonade, instead you want to take those lemons and throw them at the life’s big stupid head.  Really though dear readers I am totally having a freak out and am currently in-between states of catatonic gazing and hyper ventilating chain smoking.  Why is [this] happening?  I don’t know.  Sometimes shit just happens.  Sometimes the Universe says f-you.  Sometimes it’s just your turn to be ‘that’ person.  I’ve tried to understand and to backtrack to how I ended up in this predicament but all I have concluded is that this is how life is sometimes.  Susan Miller can’t help you, your parents can’t help you, your friends can’t help you.  The only thing to do is help yourself and to cross fingers, knock on wood and hope that luck is on your side. 

Due to my unnerving life status, there is no way I have been able to see art, think of art, enjoy art, or parley about art with any focus this past week.  Instead I was looking at the computer screen hoping that the internet would give me the clues, answers, leads to solve my predicament.  Most of the time it was blank staring but there were moments of self indulged escapism that led me to some crazy articles.  Most of these had me going literally, “what the fuck” audibly to the screen.  There are a few instances of this I will remark on plus a few other cultural/life observations.

P.S. For those that may find themselves in vaguely similar situations of ‘life. wtf.’ status, I can only say this:  It will get better, it always does and remember, everything, EVERYTHING, happens for a reason.

Normcore - So did like everyone read this article?  I’m going to assume yes.  Written in New York Magazine by Fiona Duncan this past week, the article discusses a trend about fashion that we didn’t even know we wanted to talk about.  That trend is ‘normcore’ and it is basically 20-somethings dressing like tourists meets suburban parents meets mail order catalogs from circa 2000.  For about two days, it had people so very verbal online.  It was funny to read and to see peoples’ reactions to it.  Most people seemed pissed off.  Some were like sooo over it already.  What is funny is how micro-bubble it is and how quickly mirco-bubbles pop these days.  It is true, the idea of what is ‘now’ what is this ‘what’ we are living in will always be sought after and forcibly labeled but the idea of trend forecasting and some sort of cultural revelation being made at quick turns seems futile and more importantly boring.  There is something dull about stating an obvious but I guess that’s all we have(?) via our post-everything lifestyles?  My two cents on the look of ‘normcore’ is that it seems fine.  Whiteness is so very in and to be honest it’s totally comfy (to be white).  I think it is funny in a way albeit totally not something to get your 3-pack of generic cotton undies you bought at Kohls in a bunch about. 

Something about Diplo owning an African neighborhood via his record label? - So is this real?  I feel like it’s not real.  If it is real then like WTF?! Seems so…something…

Oscars - Omgawd.  If this is the top.  I mean if this is the top of (pop) culture then wow.  Just wow.  Yes, yes movies are great.  Movie stars are great.  But the whole talking to them on the red carpet and bantering and asking them things and then making them sit and then we watch then sit and then they get these prizes and people cry and say how much they love their families and god and the people that work with them and then there are these commercials and then there is this feeling of everything having to be this way and that you have to just like it and everyone, the movie stars and everyone watching acts like we are all in it together, that we all really like this thing and then comes the feeling of embarrassment for those on TV and for you watching it and for humanity and culture and you thinking if this is the top.  If this is the top of (pop) culture then just, wow. 

Russia - Uh, hello Russia, but WTF are you doing to the Ukraine?  Man.  This is really scary.  I mean I am actually scared of what is going to happen.  Like Putin is a sociopath plus probably a lot of other ‘--path’ things.  I mean seriously.  You have a sociopath running your country!  Man.  Ukraine.  Russia. Everything seems so inevitable that it seems a farce.