Monday, January 9, 2012

Fashion Trends in 2012

The year has begun and with it comes the desire to purge, cleanse, re-invent, and start anew. Most things in life take time and patience for change, and when you have the itch for change and can’t do anything about the big things right away, focus on the small. One of the easiest things to control and to experiment with is fashion. To me there is “Fashion” and then there is fashion. The small “f” fashion is what I’m talking about here. It’s about style, attitude and mood shifting with minimal effort and maximal results. I have been looking around this fine town, and have noticed some things that are good, bad, exciting and perplexing and want to share these observations with all you classy lads and lasses.


Moustaches – A new kind of moustache, not faux old timey curled ends or full of irony though. These new moustaches are full, flat and sort of like your dads but not “dad” like. Good example is all those fine looking Pittsburg Penguins.

Mid-Neck Bobs – Forget the long hair ladies, the new hair trend is the full, soft, mid-neck bob that is about 2-3 inches off the shoulder. It’s like a 50s bob but without the hair products.

Sneakers – High Top sneakers worn by both men and women will be the new fun trend. Some will be designery like Y3-esque but others will be straight up high tops circa late 80s early 90s. Some of the older Air Jordans are super cool.

Slacks – For both men and women the slacks are back. No more of this skinny jeans thing, it will be looser, tailored and in various materials and colors. Comfort is key but no more harem pants please.

Sweatshirts – The sweatshirt is no longer just for watching Masterpiece Theatre and eating chips, it will be getting gussied up by young designers in interesting cuts. The bigger and baggier the better, it will be like a poncho for the design elite.

Orange – A bright tangerine orange will be in fashion. The orange thing seems so over, but we need some zing sometimes for our visual scurvy.

Shoulder Pads – Already rocking them, you should be too! It changes your dimensions without surgery and you can use them as mini pillows when you are watching another boring blockbuster flick.

Earrings – Big glittery hoop ones for the gals, studs for the boys.

One Piece Bathing Suits – The bikini is out for this coming summer, yay! More pasta!

Book Bags – So not into this, especially the woodsman meets hipster in the forest ones. If you have to use a backpack I recommend anything you may have used in grades 6-8.

Overalls – Just wait for it.

Big Boots – Even the skinniest male model boy is sporting workman’s boots, unlaced on top, loose.

Wigs – Why the heck not, it’s like a hat but it just fits better and can make things fun in the boudoir.

White – Like in the “I’m going to be a Santeria priest(ess)” sort of white.

Socks – Makes boring pants and not very interesting shoes into a party!

Collars - Detail will be everything and interesting collars will be a key to how alterna-hip one’s shirt really is.

Skirts – It’s a tube that goes over your legs, fabulous!

Rugby Shirts – The ones with the rubber buttons.


Tote Bags – No more friggin tote bags please.

Anything with animals – Owls, squirrels, turtles, unicorns, dogs, all of the menagerie put to pasture (except cats and possibly bunnies).

Goth – Sorry kids, no more upside down crosses for you (the real authentics will always be in style though).

False Eyelashes – What are we on T.V?

Knee Boots – Keep them low or thigh high.

Clogs – Comfort doesn’t have to come with a cost of ugly.

Fur – I know that fur this year is actually very popular but people, come on! If you don’t kill whales as your winter supply of protein then you don’t need to wear fur.

Blush – White pallor is in.

Shoes That Have Elastic Elements – Never ever.

Zippers – Unless for pants.

Nail Art – It was fun but now it’s getting into cupcake trend territory.