Monday, March 9, 2015

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

So yeah, the last few posts, weeks, months have been a little darker in vibe then most but I think that it was warranted with the cold, lack of sunlight and general what to do now that comes with the new year. Although I know many of you are still in some sort of tundra-esq snow/ice hell but I am actually thankful of the English weather of late, which has had longer days, warmer nights and flowers popping up. This is a fab feeling and one that makes the beginnings of the sexy summer vibes seem closer then before and you know how much I love my sexy summer vibes.

Anyways, this past week I have been feeling more up, more buzzy and more confident about what is to come in the near and far futures. I’ll take whatever I can get, happily, greedily and without guilt because who knows how long it will last.  So today I want to share with you a list of things that we all should do when things warm up.

Make out – Everyone should make out with everyone until they find that someone that is that something else. It’s weird to make out because you are actually sort of eating another person. Kissing is not an instinct but a socially evolved and culturally specified form of affection. The whole mildly suffocating each other as you are sharing this affection is quite absurd if you sit and think about it. But maybe that’s why it is so intimate. We get a little touch of death in this act which many times is the precursor for making life. Does this make any sense? I’m not sure; it just popped into my head. Regardless, it is probably the most fun and harmless thing one can do in connecting with another in that way so I say kiss away.

Spring Cleaning – I guess there is a reason why that phrase is that phrase. Spring starts to come and all that hibernating indoors and hording makes you look around and think, ‘I live in a shit pile.’ So then you get into hyper cleaning mode and de-clutter, throw away and re-arrange your domestic spaces. It’s amazing to do and then you feel like some sort of decorating god(ess) that tapped into some feng shui guru zone. I did this just this morning with my back garden and after I just sat there and imagined all the life, friends and parties that will take place there when it gets warmer. It doesn’t take money, it doesn’t take much time but when you do it, it does transform things in perceivable and right-now rewards way.

New Clothes/ New Look – Very similar to the spring cleaning impulse, the desire for new clothes or a new look always seems to poke at you as things warm up. You look at yourself in mirror and just think ‘get it together girl’ and instead of saying ‘ah fuck it’ like you did all winter you actually do something about it. Clothes, fashion, and style are three very different things but there is a mastery and an innateness to making them overlap and work so that they express the you that you are and the you that you want to be. It’s about performance, it’s about control, it’s about politics, it’s about social cues. It’s complex but don’t get too fixated on the immensity of it all. Just wear what you like, where what you want, being yourself is always, always the best look but don’t let yourself down by settling for the same-old-same. You will know what that means when you check out your reflection and either think, ‘yes.’ or ‘ah whatever it’s fine.’ Fine is never fine. Also, don’t ever-ever think clothes, fashion, style is about money. It’s about time in a way; if you do some of the time in the finding then you will save time in other ways.

Vegetables – All I want to do is eat giant bowls of vegetables with other vegetables on top of them and then even smaller vegetables on top of them and then they will go into my mouth and into my body and then out of my body and then I can eat more vegetables.

Music – I am really, really, really bad at having music in my life. I have always just had it, got it, and  around it by the people in my life. Of late, most of my close friends have not been huge music people so that has sorta dried out my music world. That has affected me and although I love my musically declined friends I know this has to change somehow. This will happen, without force or objective and spring seems to always bring music to me. It is an odd thing to realize that one hasn’t listened to music for days at a time. It’s depressing and somehow antithetical to what I think is a full way of living. Will I change my relationship through my own volition? No, it’s just not the way I am built but hopefully music friends will fill my life soon and share sound waves in the same space with me.

Water – The days that I will get to stick my body into water and swim and lay in the sun will be the happiest days of year. But seriously, London, where can one go to stick their body into water when it gets warm (not the River Themes please)? If you know or have a friend with some cottage by a lake or seaside message me.

Art – Oh yeah, this blog is about art, ha anyways, yes with spring comes more art. It’s a little bit of a drag at the moment but warm openings and art hopping does make the whole art scene seem at least mildly fun (although I am a total grouch and hate openings generally). But yeah, those first few when everyone is looking so sexy and fab and everyone is drinking and smoking and chatting, it feels like a party that starts early and one that you can leave without hard feelings. Those events make me feel like I’m in a fish tank. We are all in a fish tank and we are all staring into it while also being inside it and it feels odd but also okay. Also, who knows, maybe some art will be seen at some of these gatherings. That is the point of it all but maybe it’s better that way. Maybe it’s better to be surprised by being captured by something while jabbering around peers then seeking and thinking something will resonate just because it is alone in the room with you.