Monday, March 23, 2015

This Week’s Art To Do List

Debora Delmar Corp., Upward Mobility at Modern Art Oxford

Does everything seem really, really, busy at the moment? For me yes, I feel like I am pinging and ponging this way and that and looking back at a week I just see a giant blur. I keep getting a blank space in my head when someone asks me what I did over the weekend and I know it was lot but it seems like just too much of an effort to recall.

London is different then New York when it comes to seeing things as spaces are spread out and it takes longer to get to them. Instead of going to the Lower East Side and bopping around and being able to see five shows in under an hour, in London you see one show a night maybe two if you plan it right. This is a constant source of grouchy murmurings on my end but it does change the viewing experience. You stay longer, you end up talking and meeting people you vaguely know and it feels less frantic overall. Private views (what they call openings) are more like mini parties then the stateside equivalent. They last longer and there is firm resolution to stay because frankly it took you over an hour and two busses to get there so damn right you are going to stay for a clip. While this is not a pace I enjoy overall, it does force you to tamp down that auto feeling of ‘must find escape route’ at art events. London is a stay-a-while type of place and no matter what, there’s always a pub, after party, dinner or drinks that follows so it’s not all that bad.

Below is a list to help me plan out my upcoming art week and if any of these interest you, swing by and say hi.

Isa Genzken Geldbilder at Hauser & Wirth [Wednesday]
One of my top five art babe crushes that I am excited to see what is new in that bag of tricks of hers. It will probably be massively crowded but hopefully it will have moments of sightlines to this new work. Her retrospective at MoMA was good but poorly installed.  Let’s see how they manage it in a gallery context (fingers crossed it’s not a visual pile up).

Columbidae, Essex/Olivares, Mélanie Matranga, Barbara T. Smith and Dena Yago curated by Laura McLean-Ferris at Cell Project Space [Thursday]
I always end up at the shows at Cell Project Space and only a few times have I been impressed. It has a certain curatorial vibe, which leans towards cool technology mixed with short and fast exhibition schedules. But I keep going because I know that it may just be possible that something will hit that “yes” button in my art brain. This is a group show with a denser vibe so let’s see if buttons will be pushed or not.

Serpentine Cinema: Rachel Rose and Anna Zett at Hackney Picturehouse [Thursday]
This is a double billing of videos by Anna Zett and Rachel Rose. They both seem smart and their films seem curious. There will apparently be animated dinosaurs, a violent hail storm and the Palisades. I doubt I will be disappointed.

Debora Delmar Corp., Upward Mobility at Modern Art Oxford (Private Preview) [Friday]
My girl and so proud of her! A whole museum full of DD amazing, its going to be so sic!

Chloe Seibert, Chloe Seibert Who’s He at Interstate Projects (NYC) [Friday]
Lil bit of a fudge here but gotta rep my crew. If you happen to be in NYC then this is a MUST see show. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Open Studios at Open School East [Saturday]
This is an amazing example of how things can be different if there is some will and a way. This is a free art school which supports and connects artists outside of the MFA, go into debt model. They will have an open studio for their participating fellows. Not sure what to expect but I’m sure it will be varied and diverse.