Monday, June 2, 2014

Art Advisory: Who to Buy

I do a lot of things for free.  Things that other people somehow make into viable livings.  The things I do for free are for people that I like and asking for money to do things for people I like is hard for me and also in most instances is not something I would want to exchange money for. 

Bill Cunningham, that lovable blue jacket wearing NYTimes fashion street shooter extraordinaire said in the documentary made on him that he/one should never get paid to do what they loved. (Or something along those lines.)   This is a saying/thought said by many but his saying it made my heart thump because he obviously, truly practices what he preaches. 

In a similar way, I have tried to negotiate myself, my life in certain ways so that I do not mix money and the thing I love.  The thing I love is art. Yes, I work and have worked in the art world in so many capacities that it’s borderline deranged, but the thing of art, the talking, thinking, putting independent energy and funds into it is something I have tried to keep untainted, undetermined, and unreliant on money. 

Art and money are terrible bedfellows but they seem to be constantly, dubiously, and forever drawn towards each other.  There’s nothing more I want to remark on all that (at this moment) but every day that passes, every record breaking auction sale that gavels, every bonafied boy wonder that is flipped this way or that to entertain the cultural vampires makes me sadder, harder, and more inclined to throw my hands in the air and say “fuck it. I’m done.” 

The thing that stops me from moon dancing out of this mess of an art world is the art.  There is still so much good work out there.  There are great ideas being made into aesthetic, object, conceptual form and it makes me say ‘god damn’ in my head many times a day.  The thing I wish for now, more then anything, is time and after time is money.  Money specifically to buy art.  Oh I wish I could buy all the good art in the world.  I have remarked before that the only way to maybe (possibly) balance the grossness of the art market is if more people are actively participating in small sales.  This may be harder to do then ever though because even the upstarts, galleries and artists alike, are playing to win and playing for keeps.  Blood will be shed.

As a dreamscape aside, I would like to share with you artists that at this moment if I had a few ‘k’ to spend I would buy right now.  I will also recommend artists that are probably 99.3% investment winners.  People ask me about young artists, galleries, who’s hot, who I like, what’s good all the time.   I don’t know, there’s too damn much of it to know for sure but below are the ones I want and if I want them maybe you want them too.

Lastly, remember: Art is an investment.  Not in market returns but on your god damn soul. 

Amy Feldman – Safe bet new abstractionist.

Andrew NormanWilson – Art world’s Andy Kaufmann minus the deep anger.

Ann Hirsch – Bebe-be-be.

Ben Schumacher – Already up there. Will continue that way for a long-long time.

Body by Body
– Love em, they will be blowing the F up momentarily. 

Chloe Seibert – So nutty good.

Erin Jane Nelson – Ever evolving. 

Francisco Cordero Oceguera – Next Gen.

Helen Johnson – Never seen irl but wanna see bad.

Ian Cheng – Still one of my top art picks.

Israel Lund – Not really into him but he’s already getting mega big.  He is still a type where a friend of a friend might have a piece by him from college or something and they might not know its value and so you should buy that and then just sit on it like a golden egg.

Jesse Stecklow – Yung baby that has strong long hall potential.

Kevin Champoux – Heart of glass.

Olivia Erlanger– Get her while she is still low price range.  You will thank me later.  Promise.

Orion Shepherd – Want, need, want, need.

Nancy Spero – Old gen but I feel like Spero is about to have a huge comeback.

Sam Falls – Not sure why but his work is like a fine wine that people seem think they need to want.

Stewart Uoo – Not sure what he makes but cool kids and well-positioned curators seem to fawn over him.

Tabor Robak - <3 you. 

Talia Chetrit – You should have all listened to me before.  Look at her prices now! She’s a keeper.