Monday, June 30, 2014

Celebrity Art World

Sooo, I saw the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney this past week and I was going to write about it but then I thought, ‘why write about this when there is so many other people writing about it?’ Also, much of the work on view I had previously seen at his shows in Frankfurt, which to me, was a better incarnation of his work.

Anyways…the Koons hullaballoo has triggered another train of thought in my brain and that is of art and celebrity.  Koons’ work deals a lot with these ideas and he himself is probably the art world’s number one celebrity.  His ‘art world’ celebrity status is so large that he is hedging on being an actual ‘celebrity’ on par with music and movie stars.  The art world is different in its magnitude and creation of celebrity but as the rich get richer the art world has been very quick to pick up the pace and play ball in the celebrity leagues. 

Forever there has been/will be a mix and mingle of the ‘creative’ worlds but these days it seems to be a lot more fluff and strut then generative content and confluence.  Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, Legolas guy from Lord of the Rings and many more are buying up “fine art” and being star gazed upon at openings and VIP things which is surely a mark of ‘something’ but to me is a whole lot of ‘are you serious?’ frowny face.  Blah, blah, blah, here I go again about the art money thing but let’s refocus.

Thinking about all this; art, celebrity, stardom, fandom; I started to dream up bio-pics and docu-dramas for artists/art world people, and imagined who would play who.  I enjoyed thinking about this so much that I have complied the below to share with you all.

P.S. This might be the most deranged post I have done to date but hey, one life to live right?! 

Ai Weiwei played by Danny Masterson
A bit of a stretch I know but just think these words while you think about it: Relevance, Belly, Soft Bro, Dude Bro, Meh Bro. 

Ana Mendieta played by Eva Longoria 
I think this could work and it would introduce Ana's life/work for a whole set of young ladies especially Latinas

Andrea Rosen played by Chloe Sevigny
That hair.  Plus they both have this party/dirty/cool/crazy thing going on.  Also, they are very New York. 

Barbara Gladstone played by Catherine Keener
Do you love?! Yes I love. 

Beatrix Ruff played by Isabella Rossellini
Bad ass brainy beauties with boy cuts. 

Blinky Palermo played by Keanu Reeves
Sorta hate to do it to Blinky since Keanu is not what I think the most complex thespian but hey, Blinky didn't give us too much to work with re: his life and Keanu can just keep us staring without stringing sentances. 

Cindy Sherman played by Meryl Streep

Ver-sa-tile, ver-sa-tile, ver-sa-tile.

David Zwirner played by Bill Pullman

As powerful as Zwirner is in the art world, I can't help thinking of him as a sexy dad. Moop. 

Eva Hesse played by Winona Ryder
Dark beauty, sad girl, angst.

Gavin Brown played by Mark Ruffalo

Glenn Ligon played by Idris Elba
Hollywood, like the art world, (like everything else in USA) only has so much room for people of color.  Thank goodness there are a few shining stars in both.

Hans Ulrich Obrist played by Woody Harelson
Because THAT.  Would be amazing.

Jeff Koons played by Martin Short   

Does anyone else think Jeff Koons seems like a total goofball but also maybe cries in a closet sometimes?

Jerry Saltz played by Larry David
Because THAT would be annoying yet funny. 

Kara Walker played by Lupita Nyong'o


Klaus Biesenbach played by evil guy from Aeon Flux 

Larry Gagosian played by Mark Ruffalo
Gavin Brown with a hair cut. (hehe!)  p.s. it was too hard to find an actor with "dead eyes."

Lawrence Weiner played by Ian McKellen playing Gandolf 

Louis Bourgeois played by Frances McDormand
Tough, sassy, could beat you at arm wrestling while smiling.

Marcia Tucker played by Susan Sarandon
Free spirited pioneer ladies.  Also that mussed up but fun hair. 

Marian Goodman played by Emmanuelle Riva
Do not underestimate.

Marina Ambramovic played by Barbara Streisand 
Both a little (a lot) extra and both making the nose a statement. 

Martin Kippenberger played by Jason Issaacs
Sadly had to google "Malfoy's dad" to find Issaacs real name but man, those eyes. 

Mike Kelley played by Bob
Sorry Mike but yup.  Bob.  

Paula Cooper played by Marisa Tomei
Only the best for the best. 

Peggy Guggenheim played by Helen Mirren 
This has to happen!

Peter Schjeldahl played by Joaquin Phoenix as played in Her 
I couldn't stop thinking "Peter Schjeldahl" when I saw Joaquin's character in Her.

Roberta Smith played by Gillian Anderson
Oh My God, Yes! 

Yayoi Kusama played by Lucy Liu 
Asian girl power will one day rule the world.