Monday, April 27, 2015

To Do List for This Week

Yoooo, I’m in Brussels. I’m at another art fair and frankly my dears I am knackered and can’t wait to get back to London, my bed, and back to living my life. Has the whirlwind abated from last week? No. But my mood has and I feel lighter, chiller and more resolved to make changes big and small for a new and improved version of moi for the coming month. Ahhh May, I hope you are as full but not as intense as April. We’ll just have to wait and see now won’t we?

With that I am going to give you another bore of a post on my bullshit brain waves because ya, I’ve been working at an art fair for hours on end and have zero brain juice to give this week. Next week, I promise to have something actually about art and actually substantial. Till then, here’s my to do list for this week.

Edit essays
Re-read essays
Hand in essays
Freak out about essays
Go to Carlos Reyes opening at Arcadia Missa
Go to Limoncello opening
Go see Oliver Laric’s show at Austrian Cultural Forum
Meet with professors for coffee
Work job 1
Work job 2
Stop smoking
Go get pizza and beer with friend
Make plans with friends for next week
Take walks in the park
Get braids in hair
Totally transform wardrobe/look (or attempt to)
Make out with no one
Hang out with roommates
Compile next issue of magazine
Write article on art fairs
Write article on shows in London
Find place for friend to stay in New York
Think about a visit to New York
Think about a visit to Nancy
Think about a trip to the beach
Think about dissertation topic
Contact dissertation tutor
Deal with breakout on face
Restructure time for more reading
Stop thinking about boys
Make risotto for a friend
Contemplate nipple piercing
Talk to parents
Talk to gallery partner
Go on studio visit
Sleep at least 7 hours a night for at least 3 nights
Don’t do drugs
Eat more raw vegetables
Find Thai young coconut and drink
Go to more art shows
Pay people money
Spend less money
Send postcards and letters
Think about going to Venice
Buy more underwear
Buy white sneakers
Buy summer slippers
Email friends in New York
Get wallet for coins
Think about a trip to Paris
Finish reading novel
Return novel
Think about seeing a therapist
Make French toast
Buy edible plants and plant them in the garden
Watch animated films
Watch new Julian Moore film about memory loss
Only drink 3x a week
Think of a new hobby to learn
Research Ikebana classes in London
Go to yoga
Download new music
Buy new lipstick
Go to perfume shop and get samples
Hug and talk to a lot of people